Rushwork - 1074 Mid Autumn by LordZabujca

Map Description:

IRL bad idea flourishing in DF - a fort in the middle of a desert made entirely from 10 000 green glass blocks (and a few clear glass blocks used as grave markers). If you don't believe that would be a bad idea, consider a greenhouse :).

I did cheat a little while building this fortress. I was promised aquifier by the embark screen - when I didn't find it on site I've started using TileEdit to make water for my wounded. I've also used DFCompanion to heal some spine injuries, but that's it.

This is actually sort of a second attempt at colonizing this site (though technically it's the first) - after steadily climbing for some time my population was full of jobless dwarves who were just hanging around and making friends. I didn't have any private bedrooms OR an actual dining room by then, so when the baron bit it in a goblin ambush the fortress has quickly spiralled into violent, frenzied insanity, bringing my population to 1 (the overworked, armed to the teeth original expedition leader without any friends). I didn't abandon the fortress, using the amazing "raised drawbridges" technique to stave off the goblin sieges. The fortress survived.

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Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-04-25 to 1074 Mid Autumn

Awsome graveyard.

Submitted by: Drifter - 2008-04-25 to 1074 Mid Autumn



Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-04-27 to 1074 Mid Autumn

What are you going to do with all those goblins and trolls... x.x. Have you had any young girls wearing red slippers arrive yet?

Submitted by: LordZabujca - 2008-04-27 to 1074 Mid Autumn

Sorry, they all had generic blue shoes only so far :).

As for the captives, the original plan was:

0. Capture
1. Steal their pants (and then the rest of whatever they have)
2. ...

It worked - and much better than simply killing them and selling their stuff, since hauling a cage with a goblin inside takes just one task, while hauling all of the crap that drops when the goblin dies takes way more than 10 (which now can be done in a safe enviroment while starting close to the depot) - and that's from each goblin. But now that I have exhausted this only sort of renewable resource (I've got a graveyard to protect, so now my champion speardwarves simply WTFPWN the goblins way before they get even close to the cage traps - even so the hidden trolls usually manage to topple a statue or two) I'm left with a lot of naked trolls and goblins in my cages and I'm waiting for the inspiration to strike. Here's what I've got so far:

1. Mod the captives to be butcherable
2. Kill them, one by one, in some ridiculus way (may involve baby megabeasts if I manage to capture a match for my hydra or my dragon).
3. Butcher the dead.
4. Convert their fat into tallow.
5. Convert the tallow into soap.
6. Build something (I don't know what yet, but it will be big) from the soap.

So, what do you think?

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-04-27 to 1074 Mid Autumn

Make a roof out of soap.

Submitted by: LordZabujca - 2008-04-27 to 1074 Mid Autumn

A roof, eh? That could work. It certainly has the scale factor (more than 5000 soap bars are necessary) on its side, though I'd prefer this fort to remain a fort - adding a roof would turn it more into a bunker.

Maybe a giant 3D statue?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-04-28 to 1074 Mid Autumn

Make it a sloped soap roof, then it'd look like a fairy tale castle.

Submitted by: LordZabujca - 2008-04-28 to 1074 Mid Autumn

To avoid the "bunkerness" in the look I'd have to separate the outer walls from the inner fort while building the roof. Let's see how that would look when finished:

Yeah, that's pretty awesome, but not really what I'm going for.

Actually, this still gives me an idea - there's way too little menacing with spikes in this here dwarf fortress.

I'll need more glass.

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