Cavepacks - 1054 Mid Summer by Sukasa

Map Description:

My latest (and greatest) fort. The front defenses are still under construction, but it's coming along. So is the great hall, I'm working on the second floor of 4, it's been under construction for abotu 2 years now :P

lotsa deaths though, I think 8 or 9 total. 31 dwarves. I've already repelled several ambushes, no actual seiges yet though.

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Submitted by: Zironic - 2008-03-21 to 1054 Mid Summer

Protect your water wheel with some walls- building destroyers will rip that up.

Submitted by: Sukasa - 2008-03-22 to 1054 Mid Summer

Already have. In fact, the entire fortress is now protected by either walls, a moat, or fortified defenses, save a couple of areas that I'm still building in.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-09-13 to 1067 Mid Summer

Great idea with the "self repairing" wall. I'm going to try that in one of my later fortresses.

What do you need to get a king?

Submitted by: Sukasa - 2008-09-13 to 1067 Mid Summer

To the best of my knowledge, about 60 more dwarves, and a lot more roadage. eh, I'm more worried about getting the Duke at this point, because then i'll -know- what I need to get the king.

Submitted by: ^^atte - 2008-09-13 to 1067 Mid Summer

Wow nice fort :D

Many nice ideas i also love the design off it ^^

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-09-20 to 1054 Mid Summer

I like the way that it is laid out like a town, all hectic and organic.
Love the wall.

Submitted by: tiresius - 2008-10-09 to 1072 Early Summer

What is that room with the colored floors on level 12? Is that a "map room"? It looks really cool.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2008-10-09 to 1072 Early Summer

This is a really cool map. I'm impressed by the "map room" as well.

Submitted by: Sukasa - 2008-10-10 to 1072 Early Summer

That was actually really fun to make, too. How I did that was take an overhead image of the ground Z level, pasted it into paint, and shrunk it to about 100x100 pixels. After that, I opened up another 21x21 pixel image in another paint window, and drew in the individual tiles, then remade the image in DF using various collected materials.

Submitted by: tiresius - 2008-10-10 to 1064 Mid Spring

I'm totally going to do a map room in my next fort. If I get enough good colored blocks, that is!

Nice job!

Submitted by: ^^atte - 2008-10-16 to 1074 Mid Summer

Once more a epic update ^^
I love every update and so many PoI :O (positive said)
This fort is really going to my favorite list along with copperblaze and boatmurder :D

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-10-16 to 1074 Mid Summer

What do you need nearly 2400 units of power for?

I like looking at the mass of machinery in your fortress, but most of it seems really unnecessary.

Submitted by: Sukasa - 2008-10-17 to 1074 Mid Summer

Most of the power used goes into either power transmission, drainage (On the left side of the fort, there's a pump stack that clears multiple water systems, and the farms also have a pumping system), while there's also the issue of the water supply system - it's pretty messy, since it was built around the fort, and thus traverses Z-levels like nobody's business.

Plus there's the fact that I'm expanding a lot and that when I turn some section of pumps on (e.g. one of the waterfalls), I really don't want the drainage pumps to stop if I can avoid it. Another big consumer was supposed to be a control unit for the obsidian factory (that mass of gear assemblies), but I ran out of wood and had to take a bunch of it back in order to fufill ballista arrow mandates x_x

Submitted by: ^^atte - 2008-10-17 to 1074 Mid Summer

Dakira is not Dwarf Fortress a game where you build big usless things? xD (some do atleast ^^)

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-10-18 to 1074 Mid Summer

I'm not saying anything is wrong with it. I did say I liked looking at it, I'm just wondering what Sukasa needed that much power for.

Submitted by: xpCynic - 2009-03-26 to 1076 Early Spring

Wow. It rose from the grave. I've never properly commented on this fort: I love the waterfall setup in the dining room, and the vault is great. But I get lost trying to follow paths through this place otherwise. JUST LOOK AT ALL THEM MACHINES.

Submitted by: Orkel - 2009-04-04 to 1076 Early Spring

Fucking awesome fort.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2010-01-02 to 1076 Early Summer

Oo la la

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