Fetidlies - 1053 Mid Winter by Bogdanov

Map Description:

At the end of the third winter.

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Submitted by: Zironic - 2008-02-20 to 1051 Mid Winter

The map looks bleaker and bleaker as the year goes on.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-02-20 to 1051 Mid Winter

Quick, forge more bolts, we're out of ammo!

Submitted by: Smaug Capello - 2008-02-21 to 1051 Mid Winter

Is there a pun intended with beak ? The "beaker" moment of the year was summer after the dog attack, when there were only four dwarves left.

The unexpected immigrant wave before automn was a huge relief and boosted morale.

It's a pity you cannot make sharp glass bolts.

Submitted by: Bogdanov - 2008-03-08 to 1053 Late Spring

Dead Elves merchants, right after i lifted the remotely controlled bridge... One went berserk and killed the whole caravan (including the animals whose bones they won't buy back cuz i'm a "low race murderer".. damn elves)

Dead dwarves just above the entrance of the fort, a harpy raid got rid of a few useless immigrants...

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