Daubcanyon - 1051 Late Autumn by Hamelin

Map Description:

I was bored last night, so I made this.

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Submitted by: Johnny Utah - 2008-03-06 to 1051 Late Autumn

Pretty awesome

Is it going to get to the point where people start to make replicas of old Zelda dungeons to play through on adventure mode?

Submitted by: Necronopticous - 2008-03-06 to 1051 Late Autumn

Haha, that's a cool idea.

It would be fun to make all of the Zelda dungeons for Adventure Park.

Would be tough to think of a way to do some of the later dungeons, though, what with all the warping.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-03-06 to 1051 Late Autumn

very cool layout :)

Submitted by: Dasa - 2008-03-06 to 1051 Late Autumn

There seems to be a dead dwarf in your reservoir.

I'd suggest you get that looked at.

Submitted by: Benitosimies - 2008-03-09 to 1051 Late Autumn

re: the Dead Mechanic

It helps to build a lever first, and put it at least 4 tiles on the side you want him to close the door from, then link it to the flood gate, then have someone pull it when he gets out of there. Alternatively you could figure out something with pressure plates.

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