Roarsilver - 1056 Mid Summer by Necronopticous

Map Description:

I'm creating a deep subterranean cylindrical tower fortress that I intend to surround with, and eventually completely submerge in, water. I'm six years in, and just about ready to collapse the outer shell and flood the resulting chamber. An alcove around the tomb entrance near the bottom will allow water to penetrate through the center of the tower, and rise to fill many preconceived enclosures throughout the fortress.

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-03-05 to 1056 Mid Summer

Nice design! Looking forward to seeing how this one works out when it is filled.

Submitted by: Johhny Utah - 2008-03-05 to 1056 Mid Summer

Wow thats really awesome. Are you going to build up too?

Submitted by: Necronopticous - 2008-03-05 to 1056 Mid Summer

I'm not planning on building up any more than the one level I have now, and in fact I'm considering eventually collapsing the first level or two so that the tower is completely subaqueous. Haven't fully made up my mind yet, though.

Submitted by: Shamasu - 2008-03-09 to 1058 Early Summer

Hello kitty. :)

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-03-10 to 1058 Early Summer

:) Not what I imagined. Classic. :)

Submitted by: Rodwin - 2008-03-11 to 1058 Early Summer

Collapsing it so it's under water!
I want to see that happenning!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-03-12 to 1058 Early Summer

I tried collapsing into water below, trying to lay foundations into an ocean, but the whole tower just collapsed into blocks. The other option you could try is flooding over the top of the fort, or pumping out water, removing the top layer, then putting the water back in. Anyway, your fort is very pleasing so far.

Is the cat supposed to ward off evilness through its cuteness?

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Submitted by: Quift. - 2008-03-18 to 1060 Late Spring

This is by far one of the best designs I've seen so far. I understand your efficiency layout, and the scale of the waterworks is fantastic (and your absolutly sure its not responsable for the slowdown?).

From an efficiency standpoint i would go with two military floors above the current design. Barracks on the level above the entry, and a keep with fortifications above that. should look great.

also, I'm shamelessly advertising Tradesoared, my so far mst efficient build.

Submitted by: Necronopticous - 2008-03-19 to 1060 Late Spring

The lag, surprisingly, didn't increase very much at all when I filled the water chamber. You should have seen when I pulled the lever to collapse the 15 z-levels of outer shell, though. The game literally froze for 30 seconds in pure calculation. I was starting to think I crashed it, outright.

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