Paddlecombines - 1053 Early Winter by Mister Six

Map Description:

Finally got the waterwheel working!

Another goblin ambush followed traders, this time a dwarven caravan. Defenses around the trade depot had been started, and the two hammerdwarves that were guarding the merchants took up positions on the then-nonfunctioning drawbridge to keep the goblins away. The drawbridge to the fort itself was raised, and the goblins just kind of started loitering around outside. All members of the military were switched from unarmed to crossbows, and a patrol route was set up to pass in front of all fortifications. Despite all the dwarves being completely untrained with the ranged weapons, the sheer number of bolts flying killed all but two goblins, sending the survivors fleeing off the south edge of the map. The only dwarven casualty was the unfortunate blacksmith who uncovered the ambush.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-02-16 to 1051 Early Spring

A charming location, clear boundaries between biomes, good luck!

Submitted by: Mister Six - 2008-02-17 to 1051 Late Winter

Yeah, I really enjoy terrain like this. The fractal-y path the cliff face takes makes it much more interesting than flat plains or rolling hills. And boy does this have a lot of cliff faces in terms of linear feet (dwarf-units?).

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-03-03 to 1053 Early Winter

That is a lovely location indeed!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-03-22 to 1057 Early Spring

Looking good, lots of detail. What are you planning to make with the adamantium?

Submitted by: Mister Six - 2008-03-24 to 1057 Early Spring

Aside from a full kit for a future adventurer, I'm not really sure yet. My military doesn't really seem to need upgraded items, as they can take care of goblins pretty well, well enough to break sieges at least (although due to my lack of forward-thinking siege planning, it's a pain in the ass). I may do some stuff for them anyway, though; it seems the most obvious use.

A few random bits of furniture have occurred to me, such as a door for the treasury vault and a statue or two. Beyond that I'm open to suggestions.

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