Paddlecombines - 1053 Mid Spring by Mister Six

Map Description:

Those damned elves must have led some goblins to our fort. They think they're sneaky and one with the forest, but realistically they leave a trail that could be followed by a kobold child--just look for the trees with name tags on their trunks and wreathes in their boughs.

A goblin snatcher appeared, followed shortly by a full-on ambush. Although Paddlecombines has been building up a military force, it was totally unprepared for actual combat. Though successful in taking out the ambush (with a bit of help from a few new recruits who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time), heavy casualties were sustained.

And then another ambush sprung out of hiding. All dwarves were ordered back inside, the bridge was drawn, the bowyer was put to work cranking out a few more crossbows, all recruits were promoted to marksdwarves, and a patrol route along the (not quite fully finished) embattlements was set.

The goblins killed the elven traders (serves the bastards right), but a few did fall under the hail of bolts. As the goblins moved out of range of the fortifications, the citizens of Paddlecombines settled in for what might be a long siege. But the invaders, perhaps sensing that there were no immediately obvious weaknesses in the structure of the fort, and that large stores of food plus secure farms meant the dwarves could afford to wait, started wandering off the map...

In retrospect locking down into siege mode should have been the first step. In the chaos, several legendary workers of various trades were lost. Tombs for the fallen will be excavated immediately.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-02-16 to 1051 Early Spring

A charming location, clear boundaries between biomes, good luck!

Submitted by: Mister Six - 2008-02-17 to 1051 Late Winter

Yeah, I really enjoy terrain like this. The fractal-y path the cliff face takes makes it much more interesting than flat plains or rolling hills. And boy does this have a lot of cliff faces in terms of linear feet (dwarf-units?).

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-03-03 to 1053 Early Winter

That is a lovely location indeed!

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-03-22 to 1057 Early Spring

Looking good, lots of detail. What are you planning to make with the adamantium?

Submitted by: Mister Six - 2008-03-24 to 1057 Early Spring

Aside from a full kit for a future adventurer, I'm not really sure yet. My military doesn't really seem to need upgraded items, as they can take care of goblins pretty well, well enough to break sieges at least (although due to my lack of forward-thinking siege planning, it's a pain in the ass). I may do some stuff for them anyway, though; it seems the most obvious use.

A few random bits of furniture have occurred to me, such as a door for the treasury vault and a statue or two. Beyond that I'm open to suggestions.

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