Mountainleaders - 1056 Late Summer by Alex Encandar

Map Description:

Onolerar was founded in the year 1052 and has been prosperously growing since then. With over 7800 construction projects completed so far, the first floor is complete and will be built upon in the coming years.

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Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-02-18 to 1056 Late Summer

I will upload another map once the second floor is completed. All dwarves will receive 3x3 rooms, while nobles will recieve 5x5 rooms located in the central area.

Oh, some unique features about the map. It's a 5x5 area, it's the first map I've used magma in, first time I've done a wasteland so no wood or outside vegitation is available, I was lucky enough (didn't use prospector) to get some magma, so that should cut down on my wood needs. Oh, and while humans have yet to visit me, I know that dwarves, elves, and goblins have access to my fortress so I would presume that humans do also.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-03-15 to 1070 Early Spring

You've encoded this map badly, the tile size is all wrong, and its causing the map viewer to be very slow at handling it... I'm going to decode your file to .PNG, rencode, and reupload.

Aha. Better now. I recoded your map using 8x12 as the tile size, and the file size dropped to 78KB from 370KB... and it renders faster now because there are less tiles. Nice fort by the way, its come a long way :)

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Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-03-15 to 1070 Early Spring

Very impressive!

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-03-15 to 1070 Early Spring

Ah thanks :D
I'm very proud of it so far.

Anyways I bet I encoded it wrong since I had to use the java version. My computer died and someone stole my windows disks so I had to install linux.

Luckily I had my fort saved on a USB flash drive :D

Submitted by: zironic - 2008-03-15 to 1070 Early Spring

Is your fortress completely fed on merchants and trade?

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-03-15 to 1070 Early Spring

Nope, the 1 farm plot is just for plump helmets. I have my population limited to 100, so I actually have a surplus with just the one plot. That and 45 of them are farmers hehe.

Currently have 10641 food stocks, obviously trade helps a ton though, I always buy out all the meat and alcohol they have.

Although elf-meat is quite tasty, especially with a nice hollandaise sauce.

Oh, so yeah my dwarves are involuntarily becoming nudists, but the jails take care of the tantrums :D

I plan to grow a ton of hide root and pig tail, then once all the cloth is dyed and ready I'll outfit my entire fortress with new clothes.

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-03-17 to 1070 Early Spring

Good heavens, that's a monstrous great tower you've got there. Nice!

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-03-17 to 1070 Early Spring

Thanks :D

It's still progressing nicely too.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-03-17 to 1070 Early Spring

Alex, I've modded out all the rottable clothing from DF so I only ever see armor as an inventory item, that way the dwarves never get unhappy... and I don't consider them nekkid... just, clothing isn't part of the game- they don't seem to mind.

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-03-30 to 1070 Early Spring

Huge delay, my computer finally died. My vista laptop will arrive on april 11th, hopefully I'll find a way to transfer the save. Oh, and I don't have the migration cable. Hopefully it will all work out ok, but for now the map is on hold.

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