Litast Anil, Torch of Glory - 1064 Mid Spring by TotalPigeon

Map Description:

A fortress currently in its 14th year. Two main projects have recently reached notable stages in their level of completion, the tombs and the main keep. Next up are the Noble Quarters (with some fun planned for the Dungeon Master and the large number of captured megabeasts), the Jail and the completion of the stairs down to the tombs.

Thanks to Markavian for taking the trouble to get this fort uploaded onto the site.

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Submitted by: Quift - 2008-01-30 to 1064 Mid Spring

Nice, I really like this dining room. have been thinking of doing something like this myself, but for a temple. Opted for several smaller dining rooms dispersed in the fort instead of a single large one.

Submitted by: TotalPigeon - 2008-01-30 to 1064 Mid Spring

There are advantages to lots of little dining rooms, if you can keep everyone busy, and it doesn't take much effort to make a dining room legendary in the eyes of a commoner. In fact, one of the little dining rooms on the level above the main room is classed at Royal Dining Room, with nothing more than engravings and dolomite furniture.

If you are going to dig out floors to make a room multistorey, my advice would be to really take a lot of care. Only select one line of channels to be dug at a time. If you don't, you'll end up with miners freefalling everywhere. Also, don't do engraving on a level if you still need to channel the floor on the level above, as defacing masterworks is too easily done.

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