Tourtin - 1055 Mid Summer by ShunterAlhena

Map Description:

This was my very first fortress; its layout is chaotic and wasteful, its entrance totally unfortified, as I learnt the game during the creation of this stronghold.

It survived its first goblin invasion with ease, aided by traders from the Mountainhomes. Its second invasion saw all its well-trained armies slain, but the goblins retreated. This filled me with grave concern and following the completion of the palatial main office, I planned to build a well-designed fortification complete with traps and a moat.
However the third invasion struck too soon. My untrained, novice militia was no better match for the armed and armored goblins than any craftsman. After the goblins broke through the traps and entered our hallway, everyone fought, with their backs to the wall, slowly retreating towards the dining room and throneroom... determined to make the goblins bleed for their prize. The defenders fell, by the dozen. As our demise became evident, the two legendary craftsmen, one of them from the Original Seven, who were to be saved at all costs, were ordered to take shelter in the throneroom. Here they listened to the clashes of battle, the death cries, and the gurgles as the last soldier fell and the goblin spearmaster slew even the wounded in the barracks...
Then iron boots clamped on the stone and the double door was threwn open...
...and so fell the last defenders and finest minds of Tourtin.

A tiny baby survived the devastation, apparently not sought for by the goblins, but I could not force myself to watch as it crawled in the blood of his parents and kin, until the goblins stumbled upon it. Almost twenty hours went into this fort, now no more than a decaying ghost town. May my unburied men rest in peace.

(Character set: Guybrush's 1616, Graphic set: Dystopian Rhetoric)

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Submitted by: Quift - 2008-01-18 to 1055 Mid Summer

Erm, is it just me or does your throne room have a giant swastika in it? Serves the crypto nazi dwarfes well to et killed then.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2008-01-20 to 1055 Mid Summer

I'll be willing to bet that "swastika" is simply the combination of engraving a square and then putting furniture on top in a layout that allows rooms to be placed close to each other.

I'm impressed by this effort as a first-time fortress, and even more by the fact that it was fought to the last dwarf - no surrender!

Submitted by: ShunterAlhena - 2008-01-22 to 1055 Mid Summer

The swastika was completely unintentional. I wanted to make layers of black - white follow each other (unengraved-engraved stone), with engravements in the middle, and leaders sitting towards each other (mayor, bookkeeper/manager, dungeon master and Chief of Security) in a luxurious yet collaborative environment.
It didn't last long anyway as the goblins took a critical view and hurried to repaint it with blood. (Ironically one of the bodies lying in the office is the chief architect.)

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Submitted by: Dwarmin - 2008-01-29 to 1055 Mid Summer

This is why I love this game!

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