Orbsdream - 1070 Mid Winter by joshdw4

Map Description:

Now even further down. I'm starting to think I was overambitious. I now have what I call a trash compactor within the fortress for all of that stone.

The artificial waterfall has overflown twice due to the water output freezing before the input (i even made an overflow channel that froze also). The first time it killed a few dwarves and this time I stopped it in time. I need to find a good place to drain to that won't freeze or some sort of stopping system.

I'm really starting to run out of ideas for things to put in my fort and nearly everything is inside the fortress. This place will be huge.

Anyways, 92 dwarves, worth a total of 1330914 and nearly 2000 each of food and drink to outlast any siege.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-07 to 1065 Late Summer

Yay, you did the whole 'moat' thing as well, but to a larger scale. Looks good! Maybe you over did the fortifications ;) The castle boundary looks like a prime space to expand into.

Submitted by: Grantyman - 2007-12-21 to 1070 Mid Winter

Hm... Oh yeah! Wow.

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