Echoink - 1054 Mid Autumn by Demosthenes

Map Description:

Magma. Magma everywhere.

In an alternate save, I shoved a legendary miner in that Big Noble's room (The one with all the glass and the pond), shoved some food and seeds in there, and tried to see how long he survived. It ended for some reason, I didn't quite see why, I just alt tabbed in and unpaused.

I came in with a huge reclaim party, took everyone out of the military, and the first thing that happens?
Dwarfy McDwarf,Survivor jumps out of ambush and kills three people before I reactivate the military.

I don't know how he got to the ledge. The only way out of that room is through an ocean of Magma.

Also, When the reclaim party got there, there were still plump helmets in a little field I had the survivor dig out. Delicious.

Edit: Damn, I spelled horribly when I wrote this.

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Submitted by: Demosthenes - 2007-12-16 to 1054 Mid Autumn

So, Yeah. I tried pumping the magma, and it came out in infinite amounts through the up stairs next to the Square contruction.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-18 to 1054 Mid Autumn

Maybe the wind will stop blowing and the pump will stop turning... some day...

Submitted by: Demosthenes - 2007-12-19 to 1054 Mid Autumn

I'm betting the lava will overflow and burn the windmill first.

Submitted by: joshdw4 - 2007-12-20 to 1054 Mid Autumn

Hah, at first glance I thought the name of your fort was "Echo Oink"

You have to admit, this is why they coin the phrase "losing is fun"

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-01-02 to 1055 Late Summer

So, you pumped the magma over the river? That's quite cool. Looks like things are progressing well.

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