Successful two-layer aquifer pump - 1054 Late Winter by phill

Map Description:

This map shows the successful result of an expansion of this aquifer bypassing technique to suit a two-layer aquifer. I used an identical setup, just with a large enough rectangular area inside the channels to fit the original pump room and its power source, and with enough power from the generator to run all the pumps on that level. All the pumps have since been removed to clear up wood and space, but the large perpetual motion device on the layer above the aquifer still stands. I accidentally mined out the center of the top pump room and mushed a novice miner, but you can still see the dimensions I used (the crosses along the edge of the pit are where the channels were dug; the staircase up in the south wall was for a fisher that somehow got stranded after all the pumps were removed; and the crosses from the staircase island to the outer floor are just another access to the generator, started before but finished after the stairs). Once I started the pumping out the first layer of the aquifer, I dug down into the aquifer and hollowed out the rectangle I'd made, minus one corner like in the original. I built walls on the three other corners, dug out the fourth and built a wall, then walled up the rest of the room. I then built walls to recreate the single-layer pump room (also since removed for wood and space), channeled out a 4x4 hollow rectangle with a corner missing, built a four waterwheel perpetual motion device, and built and connected the pumps, all to the specs of the original design. Works great.

A note about the expanded power generator in the top pump room: DON'T mine out the draw channels for the screw pumps until everything is built. In larger rooms of this sort the wheels will turn occasionally with minor ripples, which is enough to start perpetual motion if screw pumps are connected. Unless the area getting pumped into is properly sealed off (e.g., behind wheels, walls, and screw pumps) they will flood everywhere and I could not find a way to recover from this. Don't forget the drain pump at the north end of the room, it's important.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-09 to 1054 Late Winter

Excellent work :) I can envisage the same design expanded on this map. I only just realised why you need the corner waterpumps that don't seem to pump anything- you can't transfer the power round the corners without some mechanisms, and those tiles would likely flood if they weren't filled, making the waterpump the ideal construction for power transfer.

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