Limulur "Goldenhearths" - 1058 Early Spring by Genuine

Map Description:

First fort in a new world, since the old one was bugging out after a few versions. Only the 20 main z-levels are shown, though the full map was over 60 active levels.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-12-08 to 1058 Early Spring

Woah. Those towers are awesome. I browsed up through the mini-entrance tower first... and thought, hey... that's cool, where's the fort... then found the second tower... and then found the fort. Still some empty rooms, waiting for more migrants I guess? Wonderful detail!

Submitted by: Fedor - 2007-12-09 to 1058 Early Spring

This is one of the most impressive fortresses I've ever seen in the 3D version. The combination of grandeur and innovativeness is a sight to behold.

I hope you don't mind the mud being tracked about as much as I would! :-/

Submitted by: Genuine - 2007-12-09 to 1058 Early Spring

I hate the mud. Even after setting up grates around every entrance to the fort a patch still got in somehow and multiplied out of control despite my best efforts.

I ended up taking screens of the map right after winter because that's when there's the least amount of mud, and it's still everywhere :(

Submitted by: Cheesesnark - 2007-12-09 to 1058 Early Spring

The towers look great. How did you make them?

Submitted by: Jackard - 2007-12-09 to 1058 Early Spring

Very impressive, although the unremoved floors throw the image off a bit.

Submitted by: Genuine - 2007-12-11 to 1058 Early Spring

The towers (particularly the detailed one) were carved straight from the cliffs. I used a "controlled collapse" method to get rid of the outside of the cliffs and get them in the shape that I want, which is done by simply digging a long stairway up the area I want to dig out, digging out all the stone on each of the floors, making channels around the area I'm going to collapse with a single dwarf, and then putting a support at the bottom connected to a lever which is pulled after removing the supporting staircase.

Also, Jackard, what do you mean by the un-removed floors? If you're referring to the areas that aren't blue surrounding the main fort, I didn't carve out the cliffs above because they stretch upwards another dozen or so z-levels, which would have made doing so a royal pain in the ass, so I omitted the step.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2009-08-26 to 1058 Early Spring

Oh yes! I'm in the same school of fortress building with you, although I need more computing power to actually build up a number of floors. I mean that the features don't vary too much between different tower levels and that towers are calm and original. I've also used the #-shape. I was going to build the floors horizontally, which wasn't a good idea because of the longer logistic paths.

There's also a similiarity in the workshops design. I was also going to carve huge bare floors. On top of each floor there would be later located a guild of workshops with but open space in between each workshop. The workshops would be built in a geometric manner.

Today -- or was it yesterday I puzzled over "controlled collapse". Later I started to build a "collapse a whole entrance section into magma pool" trap to my new experimental fortress which I started putting together after the 'Lathonbom Kon' save got mythically corrupted. (an early capture of which is stored in dfma)

I love the design. It's true.

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