Mysterylanced - 1057 Mid Summer by NEO|Phyte

Map Description:

My Dwarven Surface Settlement, started before Toady fixed the lag bug.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-11-09 to 1057 Mid Summer

Cool wooden buildings, are you going to add an extra layer on top?

Submitted by: NEO|Phyte - 2007-11-09 to 1057 Mid Summer

If I need the extra space, most likely, definitely going to add a 3rd story to my dining hall/food prep area to expand my indoors food storage, plus I need to make a nice large building for general stockpiles and workshops. If I get really ambitious, maybe even make proper bedrooms for my general dwarf population. At some point I intend to expand my stream so that my town is on a nice little island, but that needs to wait until I have a proper idea of just how big its going to be.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-11-09 to 1057 Mid Summer

I haven't tried the idea of housing dwarves above their workshops, but thats something I wanted to try. Building rooms seems to take a lot of work and planning though. Making proper rooms for stockpiles feels much more safe now, like from goblins, theives etc.. I like the way your buildings all have their own purpose, makes them look like a town.

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