Clutchtheaters - 142 Mid Summer by Florian Fasmeyer

Map Description:

As the war rages outside of the walls, the gates are closed and civilians are hiding in the keep.

Volleys of iron bolts are flying, recruits marks-dwarves are panicking, but the Axe lords, Swordmasters and Hammer lords are waiting for combat, right behind the Southern and Eastern gates.

This fortress is based on medieval forts, with 3 stories houses built along the wall, each with a window to the outside worlds Most of the industry and utilities is located in the keep, alongside the nomble's quarters and some vip dwarves such as the seven funding one.

All bolts are made out of iron. Each warriors have at least an iron helmet and iron mail shirt. Mele soldiers are fully equiped with the mail shirt, helemt, gauntlets and high boots. A squad of heavy specialists also has an added iron mail shirt with breasplate and greaves.

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