Skullwires - 427 Early Spring by Salmeuk

Map Description:

End of the Second Year

And So another year has passed, uneventfully, at least until the final days of winter when the horrid lizard-beast attacked us.

Poor old Morul, who having just recovered from the grievous bite wounds he had obtained when the two cave crocodiles attacked, was finally walking for the first time in three months with the help of a bloodthorn crutch carved by our faithful carpenter, and thought to venture up to the surface keep in order to breathe the fresh air and see the great, rolling hillsides of the forested valley wherein Skullwires was located. There he was set upon by the half-lizard half-man abomination and as his flesh was rent from his bones he could only mutter incoherent prayers to the nameless gods before perishing in a pile of golden scepters.

The battle is not yet won, for the beast is engaged in chaotic melee with our best cook just outside the dining hall, while our marksman Lizmul is landing hit after hit, piercing lung and leg alike, with their masterwork iron crossbow.

Point of Interest: Horrid Were-Beast Attacks Hapless Citizens

"Where are the guardsmen?!" scream the crazed onlookers. Two lie dead, and multiple others are crawling away with bleeding, gaping wounds cut by the fiends razor teeth. - Salmeuk

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Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-10-31 to 427 Early Spring

You embarked on volcano+river+sand+3 biomes? That's pretty rare embark, nice job finding it.

The bedrooms have nice hand-drawn look to the tentacles. Clearly, veins are wider. I might want to consider engraving the microcline to reduce its glare - but clearly you love the contrast with dark gray in your archery targets.

The rose gold tables really stand out. The jewelry stockile being a rhomb fits well with cut gems themselves being rhombs. You could painstakenly make diagonal stockpiles for each gem colour.

I feared enemies might penetrate through the gold veins when I saw them open. Looks like that happened, but it's not like there are not plenty of outdoorsy plant efforts.

There's some blood, but even normal soil in bloodthorns' cavern looks bloody. Combined with the slightly red-tinted water, it looks otherwordly.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2019-11-01 to 427 Early Spring

Thanks for the comments. RE: embark, I have developed quite a taste for embarks over the years, and this one attracted me because of the realistic topography (no harsh jumps in z-level or ugly orthogonal terrain) and the nicely framed features of the central mountain.

Here is a mifki screenshot of the place:

Though I find that single z-level rooms become less interesting when visualized in this manner. Something about their lack of volume, in relation to the larger terrain features.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-11-17 to 427 Early Spring

Yeah, it looks lot more flat in 3d visualizer, an actual hillock in hill rather than a mountain. In 2d view, ten z-levels down is a lot, but ten sideways is nothing much - this makes it more visible.

I think an intuitive fortress designs being flat is partly based on how much player effort it takes to reach given area, so 1 z-level down is same as 100ish tiles sideways.

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