Moonhome - 42 Late Autumn by Fleeting Frames

Map Description:

The mountainhome of Rhyming Occult-Palisade. Bred 19 to 146 dwarves over 39 years and 10ish days irl. Trained Hydra, killed 29 megabeasts, built half of a minecart ocean-jump platform for adventurers to get artifacts.

Point of Interest: The Moon glows with gentle light, surrounded by clouds

( 42 Late Autumn → onwards )

When the old, soon to be dead king sent out an expedition out in southern island, it was to glorify Vutram, the deity of moon, death and suicide.

Vutram brought about one of the three goblin civilizations in this world.

After that, it's only natural that the fortress resembles an Underground Spire. Same thick walls, striking a profile through the soil.

On the grass pasture and orchard level, the set of farms is significant for being only used for a season. Herbalism stronk!

As you can see by the goblet in still, I use no goblet stockpiles.

On the outer edges, fortifications bracketed by cage traps surround the fortress. These were intended to be a defence against werebeasts and later capturing of animals. You can see the dead corpses of former challengers lying on the ground.

West of moon lies the almost-safe caravan entrance. Nether-cap, cobaltite and kaolinite clouds surround the moon.

South of moon lies the early dodge training setup; single-dwarf variant. Repeating spears may be dead, but some danger rooms still live.

Southeast of moon lie the initial kilns used for caravan good production. The original wagon area further southeast is delineated by the tower-cap walls - I thought I'd recover the logs, but never did. - Fleeting Frames

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2016-12-03 to 42 Late Autumn

Nice tower, wish I could see it in 3D.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2017-08-08 to 42 Late Autumn

Beautiful fortress! Your writeup read like poetry. The moon design is evocative.

Also, it warms my heart that DF can occasionally confuse even the most knowledgeable of players.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2017-09-16 to 42 Late Autumn

Hey, Tharis, finally got that screenshot you asked for, thanks to mifki's 3dviewer

Here's an image of what the person leaving the fort via ocean-pult sees and a link to fort to scroll around in, until mifki takes it down.

Here's another screenshot of the tavern area

And thanks, Salmeuk. ^^;;

Confusion comes easy with forgetting, but I still see new things in DF everytime I spend a day on it.

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2018-01-17 to 42 Late Autumn

Oh cool! Thanks for showing it!

(speaking of belated responses)

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