Distincthammers - 160 Early Summer by dwarfhoplite

Map Description:

A fortress imitating Constantinople.
The story (from forum):

I wrote this chronicle as the events took place earlier today.

Tantrum spiral. That is all. Right now more corpses are made than there is time to bury. The population is down roughly by fourth from 97. The seasoned military elite is putting down their best friends and they don't even care, although slaughter is always sort of enjoyable. The whole population is suddenly out in the streets trying to kill themselves and others in berserk rage. The sick are stabbed in their beds at the sick house. It all escalated so quickly and I don't even know yet why.

The first 30 minutes: Currently we are soon running out of food as the fields have been devastated and we have been relying on imported food anyway. Population is down to 76 from 97. Only three high ranking military officers are calm.

The 1st hour: Now only two of them are calm anylonger. There is almost nothing left of what used to be easily the biggest clan in the fortress, the Meboddom clan.

The 2nd hour: Population is changing rapidly: now at 64. This is the deadliest tantrum spiral I have seen yet. All this seems to have started from a few kids being sad for having to rest in the dormitory instead of having their own bedrooms. At least food consumption is now under control as not many more than two sane persons are trying not to starve themselves.

The 3rd hour: The mayor seems to have starved in the dining hall sitting at his very own table. The city gates are being enclosed with bricks. No one can leave this place until the situation restabilises.

The 4th hour:We have finally ran out of alcohol. The severity of madness is thus getting unbearable. The two generals put all three sane people they could find to butchering animals. One of them was collecting clay underground and had hardly heard the horror happening aboveground. This is the only way we can make it. The grand old man of the fortress and the founder of the previously most prestigious clan, Kogan Meboddom was found fishing whistling some old tune in a minor key. Him too the soldiers tried to get to butchering dogs but the old man refused to stop fishing. Later, Kogan was found laying cold among his kin along the street. The two soldiers encountered a fourth sane person: a weird guy who has no reported parents and hardly any friends. He had migrated hither alone. The population is now at 36.

The men in charge now found different two ecstatic soldiers who, although having lost families and most friends, are now taking joy of slaughter and starting fistfights. Only swarms of flies provide them with slight disgust.

5th hour: An army of goblins has arrived to our location, and our sealing of gates not having been completed, the trolls are smashing through the doors in any minute. We have decided to surprise the green faced fools - they don't know we rather rush into their rows than stay inside for any longer. There is many more dead bodies and those attempting killing themselves here than living anymore. We must break out. The population is 33. Every non suicidal person is now given the best equipment that can be found regardless of his military rank. We decide to open the gates and to retreat to the farthest corner of the city and wait.

The 6th hour: Every insane dwarf was first put to death by the enemy who attacked with in great numbers. The one squad of survivors in various conditions of mind and body we could put together could somehow manage against the enemy in the narrow streets. Amazingly, the fortress survived the siege. Our strength is now at nine. Four soldiers and five children.

11 Hematite, 160, Early Summer
At Distincthammers
Monom Thakerush, captain of the second squad

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