Anvilrite-Anvilrite - 211 Early Autumn by ajr_

Map Description:

The obsidian cast fortress has been successfully completed to the first stage. The last stage will be a full silver block top, but I'm not there yet and I'm afraid of save corruption... for some reason the starter pack had save compression on. I think that affects the reliability of the data. I've noticed less data corruption in the vanilla, but I'm too fond of easy modding, especially dfhack. Should probably try install just that on the vanilla and see where it goes, since I have no love towards graphics atm.

Anyways. The history of this obsidian fortres has been multi-faceted. I've savescummed a couple of times. One time was when... let me think -- No I've only savescummed once. When the hydra attacked me and I was afraid of it nesting in the fortress after I sallied out with 40 militia equiped with silver warhammers and wooden shields, some with metal armor and swords & axes. All died and the hydra didn't get a scratch because I couldn't surround it completely in the entrance choke. It also passed all my steel and silver ball traps unscatched. So I felt glorious after being defeated so completely. I also couldn't let the challenge go and start a new in better terrain, possibly in a black desert with an aquifer and magma sea pumping.

So what did I not savescum? (quit the game with dfhack without saving and then loading 1 season back)

Three necromancers were harassing the site in the first expedition. They got in through the.. oh yes.. poorly defended magma pumping mechaworks. They slaughtered everyone. So the next expedition made a mass grave under the magma pumps.

The first big accomplishment that the first expedition did achieve was completing the magmaduct. The second expedition completed the pump towers and cast the basement.

Then there was a wereturtle attack. I lost maybe eight to ten dwarves in fighting off the epidemic. But the fortress survived after I got into the grit and polish of pointing weapons at the right people during full moons.

Fortress wealth, 1.390 million. 626k of which is architecture, 30k weapons and 13k armor. I have a large silver warhammer militia with wooden shields. Untrained, and some eight or so full armored bronze/steel warriors. Traps & other objects, 413k. Food 3000. I've been living from hand to mouth. Oh, and I don't have a proper kitchen or cooks and just one legendary brewer, who is having a long holiday it seems. Have to put him back to work to restore alcoholism.

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