Scourgerazor - 15 Early Summer by Mugtorg

Map Description:

Abandoned due to a lack of sieges, scourgerazor was originally a prison fortress, though i didnt start building it until about year 10.
The upper level features a banana dining hall, upper level of the royal quarters and the top level of the forges
On the lower level there are carpenters,masons, clothiers workshops, forges, various workshops in the top right corner.
Queen's royal quarters are paved with gold, all the furniture except the beds is gold.
The "old" fortress is situated on level 135, there are farmers workshops, farms and migrant quarters. Oh and there's also a forgotten beast living under the stairwell(level 134).
Got visited by a kobold once at year 1-2, multiple forgotten beasts who stopped coming after year 12, megabeasts(among them the Ettin Tozux who killed like 6 people and then got swarmed, the rest of the deaths are from cave-ins, or falling due to diziness(my entrance features quite a drop)).

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2015-01-17 to 15 Early Summer

Great use of diagonal walls. Halls are a bit empty but it's explained in the description. You know I had a dream about building a fortress like this, just smaller scale... The Scale!

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