Towntree - 1000 Early Spring by Dwarfbux

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This fortress lies within the mostly hellish world of The Infinite Planes, a realm mostly inhabited by goblins and vile beasts. Goblins currently number over 75,000 strong with there being more kobolds than humans, more humans than dwarves (which number 489), and only 8 elves (all of which are bandits in a single camp shared with 4 humans).

These dwarves ostensibly come from the civilization known as The Anguished Rack. Their civilization's history is one of trafficking with necromancers and night creatures. Their first baron was a necromancer by the name of Tosid Gemwills who discovered the secrets of life and death in the late spring of 33 and who has been writing books now for almost 1,000 years. Quite ironically he wrote of The Anguished Rack multiple times long after they ceased to formally exist.

The Anguished Rack fought for some time against various entities, but the one thorn in their side over their mere 112 years of existence was The Fly of Wheeling, a goblin civilization led by the tortoise brute Os Lobsterjackals the Ruthlessness of Soaking who had led such attacks since all the way back in 27. Their seemingly pacifist general Mestthos Stockadesmiths led the defense having only ever been in two fights and having never harmed his enemies in either. His last stand was at Tomeenjoy and he was horribly defeated. Goblins set up shop at Tomeenjoy shortly thereafter, but their new settlement only lasted seven years before being annihilated by the forgotten beast Amas Hollowzenith the Reign of Mines, who lurks in the abandoned fortress to this day.

Their entire civilization now is comprised of a camp named Weakenworks. The whole of their people, a full 86 dwarves, resides there. The camp is entirely dwarven, and every last member is part of a bandit gang that goes by the name The Spread Quakes. Their current warlord is the dwarf Shem Paddledsenses, who for being a bandit is actually quite pleasant given that in his 107 years of life he has yet to kill a single thing. Perhaps their ways of peace explain why The Anguished Rack is but a mere footnote in the annals of history.

Things seem to be looking bad for The Anguished Rack, at least historically. Maybe this will be a turning point. Our seven dwarves have settled upon territory lying within both The Bewildering Desert, a place mostly comprised of red sand, and The Steppes of Dread, a savanna that seems cursed and evil in and of itself.

Tetrahedrite and galena are visible in the exposed rock of the land, so copper and lead will be available along with limited quantities of silver. There is no apparent evidence of magma which is worrying, but there is lignite freely available meaning that fuel will be in supply should the fortress's meager supply of wood be exhausted. There is plenty of chalk for flux, but no source of magma of any kind is visible. Should magma be found, there is plenty of bauxite present for magma works to safely be constructed. Morion and red tourmaline can be seen for gems, and the omnipresent sand will be excellent for getting a glass industry up and running. A river is present and is stuffed with carp, milkfish, and even two alligators. Perhaps it would be best if they stay away for now.

Well, time to strike the earth!

Point of Interest: Starting Point

At least they outnumber the alligators. - Dwarfbux

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