Guildferal - 250 Early Spring by Dwarfbux

Map Description:

This is an embark map but you might see some preliminary planning in the top layers. I am the kind of uber-nerd who lays out everything in advance in notepad. This is probably going to be a temporary fortress unless bug fixing by Toady finishes and we go into another long development phase.

I generated a smaller sized vanilla world using quick generation. I normally try to make a custom world but in the interest of expediency I went with a normal one for now while I refine my variables a bit further. Maybe something from there will pop up here eventually! The last world I made had 59,000 goblins or so and only 120 dwarves. Sounds fun!

There are no humans left on the world map, only elves, goblins, and dwarves. The current area, comprised of loamy sand, red sand, and peat, is pretty barren, with nothing but trees and nary an animal on the units screen. Perhaps this fort shall be peaceful?

What stone I can see is phyllite. I don't see any ore. The only gems I can see are prase which is meh. I don't know what this place will pump out economically, and I don't even know if there is magma around (but I am guessing not). That is kind of a pain because I normally settle on places with magma out of habit so I will need to adjust my play here. From eyeballing I see apple, pecan, alder, willow, chestnut, oak, and birch trees. There is probably more, but you probably get the picture. Lots of fruit, veggies, and beans outside too.

Dwarven civ name: The Labyrinthine Glazes

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