Sorrowfields 2 - 184 Mid Spring by Sorg

Map Description:

I've decided to rebuild one of my old forts, Sorrowfields, in the new version.

As its previous incarnation, it is mostly above-ground fortress. The Layout is inspired by Imperial City of Cyrodiil, from Elder Scrolls Series.

Point of Interest: 6b) Wagon location

( 183 Mid Winter → onwards )

This is where wagon stood. There will be masterwork statue related to the foundnation of Sorrowfields. - Sorg

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Submitted by: grisha5 - 2014-10-04 to 180 Early Spring embarked on a tundra?

Submitted by: Sorg - 2014-10-04 to 180 Early Spring

No, the embark spot is in temperate climate and it's early spring now, so there is snow everywhere. I think it will thaw after some time.

Submitted by: grisha5 - 2014-10-07 to 180 Early Spring

how do i export map layers?

Submitted by: Sorg - 2014-10-07 to 180 Early Spring

When the map is loaded, hit "Esc" and choose "Export local image", select z-levels you need and hit "e" to export them. Images will be located in DF folder.
To upload the exported map here you need DF Map Compressor.

Submitted by: grisha5 - 2014-10-20 to 184 Mid Spring

there will be a update to my fort once the mayor's quarters are finished:)

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