Carnagecloister - 1051 Early Spring by Dwarfbux

Map Description:

Let's see how many deathtraps I can cram into one place!!!

It has been a good two years since I have played Dwarf Fortress. Boy oh boy, it is every bit as fun as I remember.

For kicks:

Civ Name: The Influential Rack (clearly the initial monarch had never set foot outside of a fraternity house)
Group Name: The Awe-Inspiring Violence of Justice
Full Fort Name: Carnagecloister the Nightmare

Not sure how this happened, but I had four babies born this year. At the moment I only have 11 adults. All four of the children were born from the same father from three different mothers. I know I saw that the father was married at some point but he isn't anymore. Divorce/wedlock? Bug/feature? Dwarven 4-way (eww...)?

Point of Interest: Fortress Main Entrance

Entrance to the actual fortress proper. Note the length of the hall and all the eventual stuff getting dug out around it.

Hopefully I will get the trade depot inside the mountain soon. I'll probably just deconstruct and reconstruct between trading visits as I dig into the mountain. - Dwarfbux

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Submitted by: Sorg - 2014-08-10 to 1051 Early Spring

"Babies born out of wedlock" is a bug. Fixed in 0.40.07

Submitted by: Sorg - 2014-08-10 to 1051 Early Spring

BTW, design is EPIC.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-08-11 to 1051 Early Spring

yes I like the designvery much too

Submitted by: Tharis - 2014-08-11 to 1051 Early Spring

Wow. That's big.

Submitted by: Dwarfbux - 2014-08-11 to 1051 Early Spring

Ha ha, thanks everybody! I have been plotting all sorts of devious and fiendish traps and pitfalls for invaders (and otherwise) who trespass on the grounds. Right now the number of deathtraps going in the fort in various places numbers about 40 for invaders from above and cavern beasties from the second and third caverns below. About fifteen others (at least) will be guarding where all the valuables will be, mostly for adventure mode should I decide to share the map for people to try and crack as an explorer/reclaimer (so... hidden fun stuff).

For now most of these are too far down to make planning anywhere meaningful. I might have the redesigned invader gauntlet planned out (at least the underground part) for next year's update. I'm not suicidal enough to power downward and breach cavern #2 yet. If anything, given logistical issues surrounding having a long entry hall which I will expand on later, I have had to play much more cautiously than normal.

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Submitted by: Danielplet - 2014-11-27 to 1051 Early Spring

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