Silverdestined - 14 Early Winter by Tharis

Map Description:

Just slew a forgotten beast.

In the office of the captain of the guard.

More building up and down and out, a few good tales to tell. Enjoy!

Point of Interest: Inner Entrance

I put down some roads to make it look nicer, granite for the exterior, and cobalt for the interior. Also some statues, that's Lokum the Ash of Throwers, deity of dreams and nightmares on the right; and Roduk, deity of hospitality, on the left. The former laughs while the latter is worshipped. Surely there's some kind of deep theological statement being made here. - Tharis

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Submitted by: Carl - 2014-04-22 to 6 Early Summer

Really like your fort design!

Submitted by: Tharis - 2014-04-24 to 6 Early Summer

Thank you! Now you've motivated me to post a 4-ingame-years-later update! Watch this space... ;)

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2014-04-25 to 11 Early Spring

ha, I like the tunnel that the invaders get to crawl around. It seems fitting to force em to crawl around huge cliffs and tight spaces, just to be chopped in two with an axe trap.

Keep using the environment as inspiration for your fortress structure - not only is it aesthetically pleasing but highly efficient, too! You're much better at it than most people.

Submitted by: Tharis - 2014-04-26 to 11 Early Spring

Thanks! I'm flattered. It's still building out a bit. I'll post another update before too long.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-05-02 to 14 Early Winter

There's something symphatetic about the archery range, but I don't like your low ceiling wide stockpile halls. It's crafting in progress I know, but still... quickfort has been invented.

Edit: some spelling and addition

The important parts, quarters and work places are magnificently designed. Like how the dining hall is constructed in two layers and the quarters are in symmetric patterns. Their small size can be compensated by crafting gem encrusted furniture like beds and cabinets.

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Submitted by: Tharis - 2014-05-02 to 14 Early Winter

True. I think it's partly that the stockpiles annoy me, especially the clothing stockpiles. I've noticed that I get swamped with clothes, then build out to accommodate the goblin garbage, and then suddenly the bins kick in and the whole room is empty. I should probably figure out that trick for separating the goblin garb from the manufactured garb.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-05-04 to 14 Early Winter

You could just throw the garbage down to forgotten beasts eh?

use d(esignations) [b] menu to mass forbid and check your [o]rders so that dwarves don't gather

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[Message edited on 2014/05/04 at 04:38 by ajr_]

Submitted by: Tharis - 2014-05-04 to 14 Early Winter

I also don't like leaving heaps of crap outside. I think ideally I'd position a particular stockpile to collect all of it and then drop it all down the volcano.

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