Sodelmörul - 1061 Early Spring by Sentack

Map Description:

With the new year comes little progress. No new migrations have happened in some years. I fear they have all shied away from the Goblins constant sieging of our fortress. For the past four seasons, we have been sieged every one of them, and our numbers are slowly thinning.

Most of our casualties have been nobles and some military personnel. It seems some of them just don't listen and low and behold, they fall to the goblin's arrows. The damn mess those goblins make has gotten to the point where I can't almost contain all the crap they leave behind. Stockpiles outside the fort are so I can try and put some sense of order to this chaotic mess dumped on our door each year.

Still, the dwarves persist. The upcoming magma defenses are coming along slowly but fairly steadily. I'm still unsure just how I want to arrange the defenses and I've even decided to add in some new 'catapult alcoves along the side of the mountain that are still in the building process.

I've lost all my good Masons in the sieges or due to failed Fey moods. As a result, I have new young neophyte Mason in the works, currently engraving so he can get some skill at dealing with rock. Yet, his progress is slow, as to be expected.

The saddest moment of recent note was when a young lady dwarf went insane with rage after suffering a great deal of loss in her life. The poor lass was holding a child, and it was the first to suffer her blinding wrath. The sight was ghastly, and in the great dinning hall of all things. The Captain of the Guards dispatched her quickly, even if she was strong and nimble. Still, it was a great loss, she will be missed. Woe is City of Shieldpage. Home of great sorrow.

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-10-19 to 1061 Early Spring

Such a neat and tidy fort, yet it seems so empty... Very cool tileset btw, which is it?

Submitted by: Sentack - 2007-10-19 to 1061 Early Spring

When it comes to forts, I'm such an ungodly neat freak it's not funny. It used to be a lot more full until the constant sieges came around and have been real hell on my fort.

The tile set is one I've hacked together on my own from bits and pieces I've seen and liked from other tile sets, including but not limited to Zaratustra and Kein. I'm not quite sure I like the 'containers' so far, but everything else is pretty neat.

Also, I've make heavy use of the granite.exe and hide.exe tools to help clear out annoying ore and gem deposits in my way.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-19 to 1061 Early Spring

Ah, so that's why I recognize those walls!

Would you post the tileset to the wiki? I dislike the FPS reduction that occurs with large tilesets, and haven't been able to make a good, small tileset yet.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2007-10-24 to 1060 Early Spring

This is one of the more elegant and practical fortress centers I've seen. The tileset also works well, especially with engravings. Congrats!

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