Gladnessterrify - 59 Late Spring by Eilers William

Map Description:

Dugged , built and forged in the tundra hills of Amkinangzak . Expedition here was to built a lasting fort to endure sieges , harsh cold and winds to protect the riches that are to be found bellow the calmly iced waves. (Using Masterwork DF)

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Submitted by: Eilers William - 2014-01-31 to 59 Late Spring

Please do not abstain from commenting ! Ideas thoughts and dislikes , everything is for me to hear !

I'm tired from seeing ugly as* fortresses that look like a goblin holes or an elven caravan , I attain the mastership of the dwarfs and build majestic forts that raise from the ground or dark and dangerous tunnels but filled with might and adamantine !

oh and hope i'm not doing something wrong but ->

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-02-01 to 59 Late Spring


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