Trickedblighted - 42 Early Winter by Konamane

Point of Interest: Main entrance

My fortress defend system is based on two level maze, which suppose guests enter at northern area of outer maze, and then proceed to southern inner drawbridge gate. Meanwhile my stationed above archers have easy access shooting surrounding area.

Access to trade depot is most often being open, however only small persentage of traders actually reach the point, due high ammount of invaders. Most migrants (and Megabeasts!) usually die at the edge of the map because of same reason ...
Inner part of the fortress at this level is used for invaders, who were lucky enough to find themselves inside a cage. I link those cages to lever, and when small round drawbridges are up, I pull the lever, so my above located Crossbowmen can train their legendary skill.

The only possible way inside are tho yellow downstairs, they go four levels down, then route goes under waterfall, so any citizen or visitor going in/out the fortress passing the waterfall clean blood and stuff and obtain good thoughts.

(map was cleaned by dfhack b4 uploading) - Konamane

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Submitted by: Lielac - 2014-01-21 to 42 Early Winter

Goddamn, that is some amazing work.

Submitted by: david - 2014-02-07 to 42 Early Winter

if there is a war fort this is one of them

Submitted by: Alhadrian - 2014-02-08 to 42 Early Winter

this is really awesome . The above structure is really nice modeled and the tower at the top has an awesome shape , might use that somewhere in my own if you don't mind. Where is the water coming from? aquifer ?

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