Laborfords - 213 Mid Autumn by Lielac

Map Description:

My second-longest-lived fortress, and my current favorite. Contains such amusements as a Happy Fun Death Pit for invaders/elves/traders, a magma tube in the first cavern, and an actual daycare for my beardlings. Also, grizzly bears.

Point of Interest: The Wagon

( 201 Early Spring → onwards )

Though none of the original seven dwarves remain (Aban, the woodcutter, went berserk after a failed mood in 207 and had to be put down; Erith and Sarvesh, the stonecrafter/bonecarver and farmer respectively, died in minecart accidents in 212 and 215; Shem and Endok and Melbil and... the last guy?? died in the Great Tantrum Spiral and Armokian Wrath of 240-241), and Laborfords was alive for 40 years, I never got around to deconstructing the wagon. At this rate, I might as well enshrine it. (As of Spring 215, I have.) - Lielac

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-01-23 to 220 Mid Spring

This is what a dwarven fortress should look like!

Magnificent and mysterious, a masterpiece.

edit: Not so mysterious, but simplified in greatness.

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Submitted by: Jervill - 2014-01-31 to 220 Mid Spring


I especially like the bedroom layer and the death trap.

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