Graniteshrine - 511 Late Summer by Machocruz

Map Description:

Not really an efficient design. It takes forever for some tasks to be completed. Was almost ready to give up at this point dueto low fps from having hundreds of animals, and the sheer number of corpses littering and uglying up the map. For a while I was not able to get rid of them fast enough to keep up with birth rates. Fortunately, butchering was able to finally get into full swing, and slowly but surely I've culled the moleweasel and mountain goat populations to reasonable numbers. From this and constant sieges, I have a ridiculous amount of bones and skulls.

For the enemy corpse problem, dfhack's autodump feature is my friend.

Point of Interest: Barracks

( 508 → onwards )

Two squads train here. A squad of 10 Legendary warriors make mockery of sieges. Some of these guys have kills numbering in the hundreds. Masterwork DF is a real meat grinder. - Machocruz

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2013-09-19 to 511 Late Summer

I love all the crazy workshops that Masterwork allows, like shrines and bone armor and turtle farms. The entire golem industry is quite plainly diabolic.

Great layouts to see here!

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