Blazesmines - 3 Early Spring by Salmeuk

Map Description:

The start of the third year. 59 dwarfs reside within these halls. Our military is quickly training, and the main fortress defenses are prepared for early ambushes. The future looks bright for Blazesmines.

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Submitted by: Tom - 2013-08-11 to 3 Early Spring

I am so envious of this map. Had a start on something like this once and got wiped out by the first goblin raid. Nicely done so far.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2013-11-14 to 3 Early Spring

This map fell to my own impatience and ignorance: The migrating dwarven trader kept blocking immigrants from entering the map since he just sat still as soon as he appeared. This was especially frustrating when I need my migrants alive, and not torn to shreds by roving goblin squads.

So I ordered my squad to kill him. They accomplished this fine, but then (I didn't know this part was going to happen) the dwarf that landed the killing blow upon the trader became an enemy of the civilization, and the civilization became an enemy to him. He proceeded to slaughter my entire fortress. I learned a hard lesson that day, since I desperately loved this fortress (JUST LOOK AT THOSE FARMS SO BEAUTIFUL) and keep no backups.

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2014-05-01 to 3 Early Spring

I used to go for builds like this. But I couldn't fight against goblins, spiders, whatever. Now I can and don't have to savescum a lot, makes things go smooth and nice with fortresses. Chickens are great!

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