Sorrowfields - 682 Late Spring by Sorg

Map Description:

Mostly above-ground fortress. Layout is inspired by Imperial City of Cyrodiil, from Elder Scrolls Series.

Point of Interest: 0) White Granite tower

The center of Sorrowfields. On the first floor there are offices for broker (I know, that he doesn't actually need one, but anyway...), manager and bookkeeper. On the second floor there are offices and dinning rooms for duke and mayor, and other three levels will be king's throne room, dinning room and quarters respectively. - Sorg

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Submitted by: GingerL - 2013-07-24 to 682 Late Spring

A very interesting layout you have here. Are you planning to convert that shape to the south-west into a tower?

Submitted by: Sorg - 2013-07-24 to 682 Late Spring

Yes, it will be tower with barracks, danger rooms and other stuff like that. I also plan to do similar towers to the south-east and north-east (e.g. for jail or something).

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