Lake (DF Preview) - 1050 by ToadyOne

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Status (10/14/2007): I think I fixed the freezing temperature problem today (the one I described yesterday -- townspeople will still freeze at night and so on). Today saw a sheet of water five tiles high above the lake, so I worked with the elevations a bit (there were some problems with rivers pulling the ground down too much). Once things started working a little better, I took a screenshot of the starting wagon by a lake.

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Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2007-10-15 to 1050

When I first saw this I nearly fell off the floor.

Submitted by: Emperor Bob - 2007-10-15 to 1050

Two questions.
Toady had said that the map would not be artificially bounded, yet the picture ends sharply: Is that how the map appears in the game, or is it because of the way the image size was selected?

Also, what do the different colors on cliff sides mean?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-10-17 to 1050

Looks like new minerals, different types and what not... if I had to guess, the yellow/red tiles look like sand to me around the edge of the water.

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