Libashsakrith Zustashgostangustosbidok Uthgar - 131 Mid Autumn by Zachary

Map Description:

This is the first fortress I've ever really taken seriously. So far, it hasn't been attacked too often. Only one Goblin Siege and about 5 Goblin Ambushes. Too many dead thieves to count, though. Also, two dead Forgotten Beasts, a dead Warecavy, and a dead Minotaur. I've also royally ticked off the Elves, first by offering them wood before seizing their goods. After that, I slaughtered the merchants that brought them. Yeah, I don't like the Elves. I did this twice. Looking in Legends in a copy of the world, I saw that the second group was a different government. I think that next Spring, I'm going to be under siege.

The fortress currently has 7122866 wealth in created goods. 279081 is imported. 97631 is exported. The only reason I'm still a County and not a Duchy or the Capital is because I haven't had enough time. I was upgraded from normal to Barony to County in two caravans, so the third arriving later this season will be making me a Duchy. I may have to raise my population limit in order to make it to Capital, though. It's set at 100 right now.

I got really tired of all the trees blocking Wagons from reaching my Trade Depot, so I cut down a 3-wide passage all around the edges of the map and built Paved Roads on that space to prevent more trees from growing. I then made roads from all 4 edges of the map to the entrance of my fortress, insuring that Wagons would always be able to reach my Trade Depot.

I did not export many of the layers below the main fortress. They are not pictured. Because of this, the scene will take a jump from the second cavern layer directly to the magma caverns as you go down.

Keep in mind that all dates mention in Points of Interest are estimations. I can't remember exactly when I did some things, so I just took my best guess.

Translation of the name "Libashsakrith Zustashgostangustosbidok Uthgar" is:
"Axeblazes the Ancient Awe-Inspiring Angry-Act of Demons"
Started in Early Autumn of year 126.

Graphics pack used is "Phoebus' Graphic Set 0.34.11v00" (not most current)

Point of Interest: Aprox. Location of Embark Wagon

( 126 → onwards )

This is approximately where the Wagon was when I first Embarked onto this stage. - zackman0010

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Submitted by: ajr_ - 2013-07-06 to 131 Mid Autumn

It's very nice

Submitted by: GinerL - 2013-07-24 to 131 Mid Autumn

Really liked how you design the entrance defenses of this fortress. How did you even sustain enough booze and food for the archer barracks when they where training?

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