Fort Failure - 1058 Late Spring by Madcows

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Still learning, fort kinda took a nose dive in the third year when I didn't have a food source plotted out. They tried oh so hard but couldn't make it.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-10-12 to 1058 Late Spring

Always make farming a priority until you're comfortable. I always bring a skilled cook and brewer; if you have spare, you can always sell to caravans (food is really valuable).

Submitted by: Veryinky - 2007-10-13 to 1058 Late Spring

Personally, I'd say a skilled herbalist is more important. You have plenty of space to gather plants with which means plenty of plants to brew then cook. Cooking and brewing can be done by unskilled, in fact, cooking is best done by the unskilled since masterpiece meals are a source of tantrums.

I usually set one dwarf, usually a proficient metalsmith, to plant gathering (and only that) at the beginning, an other dwarf cuts down trees for the carpenter to make barrels out of, and a third brews/cooks. None of them are skilled at the start, but should be legendary by year's end. Using this method, with 4 proficient metalsmiths (crafter, metalsmith, armorsmith, weaponsmith) you end up with a legendary herbalist/smith, legendary woodcutter/smith, legendary brewer/smith, legendary carpenter/smith. It also provides several thousand in alcohol and prepared meals, limited only by your barrel production and size of internal treefarm.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-13 to 1058 Late Spring

There are two differences between herbalism and farming:
1. The yield is considerably less.
2. You don't need to prepare a farm.
Given that "preparing a farm" means "digging out a small area next to the river," herbalism is much better than farming.

Also, if you don't have very poorly done hauling, rotten masterpiece meals won't happen, and they give a large happiness boost (as much as a legendary dining room) to your dwarves. Alcohol has an invisible quality level that affects the happiness boost from drinking it, and it also is a +20 happiness thought. A legendary dining room+legendary meals+legendary drink=+60 happiness.
To compare, "was forced to eat a beloved creature to survive lately" is a -50 happiness thought, as is "had a miscarriage recently."

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