Sabrelured - 51 Early Autumn by Itnetlolor

Map Description:

After my last fort fell, I figured I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to test an experiment I had in mind of having a central hub for trade and excess storage.

I'll have to pat myself on the back for how effective it has been in maintaining my fort so far. I'll keep this blueprint in mind for any future forts and megaprojects (Like Bloodaxe, The Sky-Executioner of God, for example).

And yes, everything is stored; anything else you see lying around is either in a stockpile, is a dead rat or other small creature cat-astrophed, or is bolted to the ground (like beds made as beds, or the table and chair needed to do the stocks/bookkeeping).

Want more information on this? Look over here:

Point of Interest: Main Feature = Central Hub Mega-Filter

( 51 Early Autumn → onwards )

This is the main point of this place. The Trade Depot acts as a central hub for all the sorting of materials. Anything under the stockpile, and under the sun goes in here first (also guaranteeing an empty Trade Depot after every successful trade, even those that don't succeed. Still a nice and clean master-room for the entire fort.

Not a single speck of junk will be lying around (except for the stray refuse, and cat catch, which I may have to manually remove via classic mass-dump methods (Using the Bookkeeper method, viewing stock, find refuse and remains/corpses and mass-dumping from there).

As it appears, I have it in a clockwork setting (12 potential stations for QS-storage). Traders and migrants come from 6 O'Clock, Foodstuff is stored at 12 O'Clock, and the farms and food-production facilities are up the ramp past 12 O'Clock. - Itnetlolor

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