Minedances - 566 Mid Spring by hyndis

Map Description:

Most likely final version of this fortress. DF version v0.31.25, so this isn't the new version with the zombie rain.

The fortress is in year 66 after embark, current population 200.

Point of Interest: Main Hall

This is the main floor of the fortress. Everything is cut from natural rock, through all soil levels, down many layers into solid stone. The buildings are freestanding pillars left from the mining, and then the building is carved out from the pillars. - hyndis

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Submitted by: Xar - 2012-03-08 to 566 Mid Spring

Amazing setup, thank you for taking the time to make all the points of interest!

Submitted by: Nxcho - 2012-03-08 to 566 Mid Spring

I like that your catacombs doubles as furniture storage.
-Hey, Urist McHauler. Get me another bed from the cellar will you.

Submitted by: hyndis - 2012-03-08 to 566 Mid Spring

Future plans would include tunneling down into the second caverns, and then from there into the underworld. That would mean all invaders would have to pass through the underground gatehouse, where they would be easily stabbed to pieced by spike traps, massed crossbow fire, and washed away with magma. The invaders would be trivial to dispatch. Only problems that would arise might be I'm running low on ammo, but thats easy to fix.
There are a lot of stockpile types that can be doubled up and act as overflow if your regular stockpiles are full. I've found that refuse, furniture, and wood stockpiles tend to work well together. They're all bulky items that require big empty rooms to store, and if you're clearing stockpile rooms for one type of item, might as well allow storing of other types of items in there just for the sake of convenience.
I do put a lot of thought into stockpile locations. Dorfs will pick the closest item to decorate only taking X and Y into account, not Y. This means that stockpiles with stuff I want decorated has to be close (X and Y) to the workshops, and stuff I do not want decorated needs to be far away from the workshops. Z levels don't matter in determining which items are decorated.

Submitted by: M pants - 2012-03-08 to 566 Mid Spring

Wow. good job on the points of interest. I dont know why i didn't think of created a junk stockpile in my fortress. ill need to steal that from ya.

Submitted by: Thwq - 2012-03-28 to 566 Mid Spring

Junk Stockpiles
elves dislike being given any wooden item .. including bins. therefore, if you offer them a wooden bin full of tasty berries they will dislike them .. thus you can select individual item inside the wooden bin but not the bin itself.

congratz on a masterfull created fortress in its true form ad thank you for sharing it!

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