Dragonflag - 158 Late Autumn by Unbeltedsundew

Map Description:

Before I flood and dam the river I decided to upload a "before" shot.

There are something like 50 or 51 pumps in that stack, which is why It took so long to get the materials for it. I've melted a lot of anvils....

I also have the Dwarf caravan arriving in this map to see the bridge safety when crossing the magma channel.

Point of Interest: Masons Towers

( 158 Late Autumn → 159 )

They are missing the upper parts but the lower part is now functional. All that remains to be completed in the lower part is aesthetic construction, and will likely take a while. I'll get onto the rest of the fort in the meantime. - Unbeltedsundew

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2012-02-18 to 151 Early Spring

That's a pretty sweet waterfall to stop off at!

I just marked the starting wago with a PoI, good look with construction :)

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