Weatherwires - Lower Fort - 184 Early Spring by fidelcowstro

Map Description:

In the year 135, work began on a massive excavation project, between the surface and the top cavern layer. Now, nearly half a century later, work on the dome - a hemispherical area housing a dwarven city, hewn from raw stone - is nearing completion.

However, due to a terrible blight of unknown origin, no new dwarves have been born into the fortress for nearly twenty years. No new immigrants or caravans have arrived at the fort for some time, so the dwarves of Weatherwires have come to realize that they are, indeed, the last remnant of the Merchant of Echoing.

Point of Interest: Central Mesa

This structure is the hub of the entire lower fortress. Sealable passages connect the mesa to the eight guildhalls. Exterior roads lead to and from the hub, weaving their way between, under, and through towers. To the east is a winding, free-standing road that leads to the sealed passage, and the upper fortress, though it is currently clogged with magma. There is also a deep passage which leads to Murdershot Citadel, to the north.

Atop the mesa is a tall circular structure, bearing a few statues depicting gods of the fortress. The mesa itself bears statues depicting laboring dwarves: the founding of Weatherwires in 126. The magma in the center was collected when the dome was first flooded, and can be drained at any time with the pull of a lever (this is one of the dome's two drains).

Inside the structure are workshops and food stockpiles. - fidelcowstro

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Submitted by: Ironhand - 2011-10-11 to 184 Early Spring

Cool stuff!
Have you ever rendered this in a visualizer?
I'd love to see the dome from beneath!

Submitted by: fidelcowstro - 2011-10-11 to 184 Early Spring

I have. It looks fantastic in Overseer. You can't see more than a small portion in Stonesense, but it does give a good idea of scale, in any case. There's a thread on the forum ( with some screenshots in it.

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