Ringdied - 1077 Late Winter by Maisoul

Map Description:

Founded: 1077?

...yeah, not entirely sure. It seems like a little much for me to have gotten done in the first year, but I don't remember more than one bunch of dwarven merchants, and I only have eight dwarves.

Ringdied. After trying out a location cut off from everything, I can honestly say I prefer goblins. So long as I'm behind an entire hallway of traps when I see them first.
What I'm not so sure about are the unicorns. See, I managed to pick a 'good' badland. You don't really think about unicorns and fairies living on a literally-blasted treeless plain.
Not sane ones, anyway.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-10-02 to 1079 Late Winter

Do Antmen have bones? I've never met one in DF. I've found that terrifying maps seem to be scary outside but disturbingly quiet inside... maybe its the other way round on peaceful maps. Maybe it just depends on random chasm population.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-03 to 1079 Late Winter

Yes, they have bones.

Submitted by: Maisoul - 2007-10-03 to 1079 Late Winter

Antmen do indeed have bones - a couple of the weapon traps at the entrance have antman bone crossbows, or bolts.

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-03 to 1080 Late Winter

That's all the underground forest you have?

For top wood production, you'll need about three times that.

Also, on a treeless map, magma smelting/smithing is the only way to go.

Submitted by: Maisoul - 2007-10-03 to 1080 Late Winter

It's something I tend to go for anyway, regardless of whether or not there are trees outside - wood's the only thing you can make beds with, and it's tedious having to keep an eye on charcoal supplies. Eventually you end up clearing most of the easily-reachable trees overland, anyway.
Right. I'll set up another area for foresting, after the path leading to where the new trade depot is going to sit.

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