Earthhalls - 406 Early Summer by Serio

Map Description:

Population 97

There's quite a bit going on in this fortress, specifically with the metalworks. The embark was actually in 402, not 401, due to the world generator stopping in 401. Something of note is that the northern areas, behind the mountain that the river runs through, is usually covered in snow far into spring, sometimes even longer too.

Point of Interest: The Craftdwarves' Street

( 406 Early Summer → onwards )

Microcline doors line this street, beyond each is a workshop producing its own unique products for the fortress to use, or to sell. - Serio

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Submitted by: Jo - 2011-07-15 to 406 Early Summer


Submitted by: Fire_Fox - 2011-07-16 to 406 Early Summer

Well I think this fortress looks really cool. I like the entrance and the open layout. But you dining room should be more epic and magma filled.

Submitted by: Serio - 2011-07-16 to 406 Early Summer

Fire_Fox; You're right! The meeting hall was supposed to contain some, but the dorfs kept complaining about the lack of wells. I have an idea for a much larger, better dining room though.

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