Boatglazed - 1057 Mid Spring by jaqie

Map Description:

Boatglazed. pop-cap of 30ish, my own tileset, using addon programs to make the game more fun for me. This is an attempt at having a 'low population' 'noble-free' fortress capable of massive output and eventually very good self-defense.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-26 to 1057 Mid Spring

Not bad tileset, I think its a bit big to use on my screen though. There seems to be a lot of cats prowling the fortress! I like the way you've engraved the central routes around the fortress and have really wide corridors.

Submitted by: jaqie - 2007-09-26 to 1057 Mid Spring

Thanks. My favorite spot is the dining hall and the northeast of it the main corridor intersection.

I think of cats as a biological alarm system, and the dogs as the guards... it works extremely well.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-10-22 to 1058 Early Winter

Those rounded corner tiles work really well, especially with the 2x2 pillars. I'm tempted to copy the style on a smaller tileset, I prefer 12x12 ! I'd be tempted to make the barrels slightly smaller with more of a border.

Submitted by: jaqie - 2007-10-22 to 1058 Early Winter

Go right ahead.

Submitted by: SnowWhite - 2007-10-24 to 1058 Early Winter

I like it.

Would you please give a link to download it, or instructions on taking a tileset directly from the DFMA?

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-24 to 1058 Early Winter

The latter is impossible, as of right now.

Also, note that the alphanumeric part is the same as in curses_16x16.bmp, and thus really ugly.

Submitted by: jaqie - 2007-10-27 to 1058 Early Winter

You can find this and my older tileset here.

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