Releasetreaty - 1094 Early Summer by Quietust

Map Description:

Much has happened during the past 9 years.

* All bins were replaced with those made from tunnel tube wood.
* A tree farm was dug between the 3rd cavern layer and the prison.
* A Captain of the Guard was appointed (to an unlucky wood burner who got mauled by a gorilla and lost the use of both legs), and additional quarters were excavated.
* The submerged trees in the 3rd cavern layer were destroyed.
* Wars with both the Humans and the Elves were started and subsequently finished.
* Many forgotten beasts were slain.
* More of the adamantine vein was excavated.

We have determined that the adamantine vein is hollow. If we dig any further, the legions of Hell will come forth and destroy us. In response, we have dug a passage toward the hollow tip and have devised a means of attacking our foes without exposing ourselves to attack.

The peasant Kadol Edduavuz volunteered to pierce the barrier while he is sealed within the chamber - through his sacrifice, we might achieve victory.

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