Lancerdabbles - 1051 Early Spring by Maisoul

Map Description:

So I recently convinced a friend to play DF again. He tried the latest version, but disliked how slowly the military trained, and went back to 40d with its uberwrestlers and working markdorfs.

So here I am, trying to prove to him that the military actually... works... when used sensibly and aided by a few judicious traps.
Not that I use military much normally. Give me a large hall full of traps, any day.

So, here is Lancerdabbles, with as fitting a name as ever. We've just embarked, having brought along the normal default kit. I've spent some of the starting points on a very basic set of equipment for two militarydwarfs and slight training for them in their designated weapons.
The rest, naturally, went on booze.

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