Earthentangle - 55 Mid Autumn by Jelle

Map Description:

This time around I wanted to go for a more genuine subteranean town feeling, so I'm constructing every house with rock blocks on the mossy floor.
The cavern ceiling is being dug higher wich is also where I'm harvesting my stone from.

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Submitted by: Jelle - 2011-04-16 to 55 Mid Autumn

Construction is going smoothly however the mining the roof part is failing, my miners are to dumb to understand mining the floor underneath them with that floor being the only thing keeping them from a potentially deadly fall, is a bad thing.
2 miners dead and the other 2 have been resting their injuries in the hospital for the last half year. I haven't found metal yet so I can't make new picks either.

Submitted by: Drone - 2011-04-16 to 55 Mid Autumn

It's nice to see a fellow fan of the cavern city style of fort, It's the most fun to play by a long way.

Submitted by: Drone - 2011-04-19 to 58 Early Autumn

You could have just built a stack of querns instead of a millstone, it may be slower but you can have more of them and hence more consecutive jobs going on.

Submitted by: Jelle - 2011-04-19 to 58 Early Autumn

I could have...but then that beatiful river and artifact millstone would go to waste!

Submitted by: Davichococat - 2011-05-04 to 56 Late Summer

What is the size of your map? Is it 4x4?

Submitted by: Jelle - 2011-05-26 to 58 Early Autumn

Hey. Yep it's 4X4. Sorry for the late reply haven't been playing recently.
Will update the map soon tho!

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