Mistmatched - 251 Early Autumn by Thief^

Point of Interest: Soon-to-be magma trap for invaders

( 251 Early Autumn → onwards )

Going to wall in the pastures, and make this the only way in to the fort. There's 10 Z-levels of magma above this point, enough to fry pretty much anything I'll bet. - Thief^

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Submitted by: Edosurist - 2011-04-15 to 251 Early Winter

uh... where's the bedrooms?

and that's a sick entrance. long hall, a great location for traps, including a cave collapse trap. :D

Submitted by: in soviet russia all your us are belong to base - 2011-04-30 to 252 Early Spring

The "Animals everywhere!" POI is in he same spot as the "MAGMA" POI. Is your pasture in the lava?

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2011-05-03 to 252 Early Spring

As convenient as having your animals in the Lava pool sounds, the two POI's work fine for me and are in completely different spots :).

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