Atheltobul, Ringcanyon - 1054 Mid Winter by [M]Tree

Map Description:

I broke off a backup save here just in case i somehow do a critical design error between the chasm and magma, however i don't feel like i would do anything even if i did, gotta finish this baby before new version is out.

Dwarf death update: Had a massive ratman ambush, 3 parties all within 10 minutes. I should have expected playing a sinister map. Lost 2 dwarfs from the attack.

Current Troubles: to many rock crafts lying around... also damn cats keep killing my spiders, 2 of em sneaked in with a pair of immigrants...

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-20 to 1052 Early Spring

Circles! Way cool. That eastern room looks like a starwars fighter pod.
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Submitted by: Savok - 2007-09-20 to 1052 Early Spring

Where can I get that tileset?

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2007-09-23 to 1054 Early Spring

Very trendy channels! They go right round those circular rooms 'n everything! Is it just me, or did you make the big circle one tile too wide?

Submitted by: [M]Tree - 2007-09-25 to 1054 Early Spring

i wanted to be able to bisect the circle with 1 square width up and down, honestly I'm not putting to much thought into this one. I'm just adding stuff as i go, i don't plan to make a "perfect" pre-made design till Z axis is in =D

Thanks for the compliment, wait till you see what i do with the magma.

Submitted by: [M]Tree - 2007-09-25 to 1052 Early Spring

Not sure, a friend gave me the tileset =P

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-09-25 to 1052 Early Spring

I asked Veryinky, he said it was part of DQ's object tileset package.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-29 to 1056 Mid Spring

Well fancy that, this is the 1000th map on the map archive, despite it having an ID of 1063. Congrats.

... and what a fine fort it is.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2007-10-20 to 1056 Mid Autumn

If you don't have all livestock caged, try doing so. It works wonders for me!

Submitted by: Savok - 2007-10-20 to 1056 Mid Autumn

Agreed. I have a smallish fortress running along at a nice 140FPS, then a dog decides that it wants to go through a non-pet-passable door. The speed is literally halved.

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