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Fortress: Desert-City of Glades Fleeting Frames

Minecart repeater primers

Two primers for the season-long and month-long repeaters detailed on my wiki user page.

Tested in another fort and calced out that I should start the month-long's primer 8 steps after month changes , and season-long near immediatelly (that one will be still be slightly off, but since it is for the case of sieges it's fine - they don't appear immediatelly.)

Alas, I was too late to take advantage of season pause.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2018-07-29

Embark wagon

Chaotic mess, as I've put things on top of each other, what's with nearly all the goods being in the wagon.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2018-07-29

Fortress: Matchedlanced Mcshay

Abandoned Staging Area

My dwarves lived here until the tower was habitable.

Submitted by: Mcshay - 2018-05-24

The Quarry

The best source of obsidian I have for now.

Submitted by: Mcshay - 2018-05-24

Floor 3: Dining and Housing

I've decided to go with many small open dining halls instead of a more traditional massive dining hall.

Submitted by: Mcshay - 2018-05-24

Floor 1: Storage and Workshops

In the future I intend to move some of the stockpiles and workshops to other floors. This floor will eventually contain part of my barracks.

Submitted by: Mcshay - 2018-05-24

Fortress: Graniteramparts Werdna

8. Balconies

These pick-shaped balconies are where I will set up tables and chairs so the dwarves can overlook the great central plaza below. I plan to inlay the 'picks' with wooden flooring for the 'handles' and a lighter color stone for the pick-head to make it stand out more. The tables and chairs will decorate the top edge of the pick-head, hopefully will look like some sort of engraved design.

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

7. Lower fort (diggy diggy circle)

This is the top of the lower fort, it goes down 6 more levels. I've only done the central dome and SW dome so far. Each dome will have a unique layout and be a district of some sort. Likely: workshops, entertainment, grand library, and forge halls.

The idea I wanted to try here is a more 3D layout with domes, arches, balconies, and what not. I got tired of the standard 2D layouts across z levels (like the floors up above this one) and wanted to do something more challenging. I start on this level and channel down, smooth, engrave one floor at a time. The layers are mostly granite, which gets converted to blocks - which is where the upper fort came from!

This is my first stab at one and the architectural style can clearly best be described as "digcircle". Next fort I'll get more creative than that!

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

6. Airlock

This bridge layout will allow me to seal off the lower fort from the top-side fort. We haven't shifted operations downstairs yet, so it's not even hooked up, but it also violates my house rules so it's really just there for aesthetics.

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

5. Welcome center

Invaders are invited to find a comfortable sandy spot, and chill out in our visitor center. Currently our hospice is at only 2/3 capacity, so plenty of vacancies for more visitors. The walls are ice. Some of our visitors are a bit ripe, so the central staircase is protected by diagonals.

T is tigermen and the occasional troll, W is warwolves, n are nakashim, & are frogmen I think, E are War Elephants and the odd Ettin, and the usual goblins and kobolds. Stranglers are visible in the moat to the south, these idiots had the poor timing to invade in spring across the moat ice and drowned. Pity really, because the dwarves think stranglers are delicious - they're invited to our kitchens rather than the visitor center. I walled off the moat since then.

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

4. Agricultural level

This floor started off as my sprawling temporary fort at embark and has morphed from there into an agricultural center. The northern circles hold the animal pens, the west and east circles store food and drink (the blue walls are ice). To the south are the farms. Between the circles are the various ag workshops, stills, and kitchens.

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

3. Barracks and temporary graveyards

Military dwarves rest to the north in obsidian coffins, civilians to the south in marble. In the corners, on this level and the one above, are the barracks for the soldiers.

To the southwest is the bottom of a dodge-maze. Marksdwarves cover the zig-zag above it and any invader that dodges will tend to fall down here, stringing the invaders out further and preventing them from hitting my dwarves en masse.

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

1. House rules

Using Fortress Defense mod, with a dozen or so races added. A little over half made it out of world-gen. The world is overrun by tigermen, the snake-like nakashim, and goblins. War elephants, warwolves, and humans have the next strongest civs. Frogmen, dark stranglers, and dwarves are on the decline. Ferric elves and beak dogs barely cling to existence, and the elves are no more. Graniteramparts is strategically located within range of all the hostile civs, except the ferric elves. Overall, these races are mostly pushovers in a fight, with the exception of the lycanthropic warwolves and the gigantic armored War Elephants. All seasons have potential invaders.

1. Build an epic top-side fort
2. Build an epic below-ground fort
3. Kill all the hostiles and collect the bodies for some god-awful purpose
4. See how long I can run a fort this time - I usually get bored after ~5 years, never made it to 15 before.
5. Invade hell

House rules:
1. No traps, no killing chambers.
2. No turtling. One of the four primary fort gates must be open at all times.
3. Exports must exceed imports, preferably exporting arms to the free nations of the world. I've failed mightily at this one - the non-stop invaders bring ridiculous amounts of gear and I'm a bit negligent at making trade goods. I finally have an arms industry active so I've got the trade imbalance up to 1:2, so I anticipate beating this requirement shortly.
4. QSP's and atom-smashers ok, as well as some house-keeping DFHack scripts

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

2. Topside

The center stairwell is surrounded on each side by the training halls of the fort's 7 squads of (ideally) 7. The northernmost squad is a foreign legion of Tigermen (their sister foreign legion of Nakashim walked into an army of goblins and perished).

To the southwest is a kill-zone with one tile bridges that form a maze for marksdwarves above. They can be lowered to make clean-up efforts easier. To the southeast is the above-ground farms that supply endless berries for booze-making. To the northeast are the old marksdwarf training grounds, but they have been abandoned due to irritation with dwarves climbing out of fortifications, and the crossbowmen have all been retrained as melee. The northwest quadrant was a pasture for the animals, but that has been shifted downstairs to the agricultural level.

The embark wagon is visible on the road at the top of the SE quadrant, my unused starter bauxite stones still visible.

Submitted by: Werdna - 2018-03-13

Fortress: Valleysilences Shonus

Trade Depot

Submitted by: Shonus - 2018-03-09

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