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Fortress: Desert-City of Glades Fleeting Frames

Tropical shrubland glade

Progressing a piece, mostly stalling behind exact material selection. With schist floodgates and green glass windows, every soil pillar for supporting the hanging gardens should have subtle effects of light.

Both are even available on embark; so the hanging garden support soil pillars should be done soon. Then, some obsidian-casting might complete it 'till trees come in. 'course, some already grow on pump placement floors.

...of course assuming I don't try to go deeper.

Caving in right isolated last layer aquifer tiles four z-levels to z93 would have been easier with previous layer, or when I didn't have tombs on z 94, but doing so should not only give tree trunks full headrooms, but their additional branches as well, while increasing the hanging garden's soil area by about half.

Plus, it'd be quite difficult. Climbing a mountain for a drop of alcohol - pretty dwarfy.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

TWBT trick - bloody gabbro walls are both gabbro and bloody

The thing about blood in the walls is that it uses same tile as mining designations by vanilla default. So, even if you use a material override, it's no good.

Unless you edit twbt to not override tile 219 when it is hidden.

As you can see on the right, however, I've only overriden gabbro wall material. Shale and all others still need writing.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Tearing down and rebuilding caven trap FB bait.

So, the bridge seal on enter -> redirect into cage traps was surprisingly effective. Caught blind cave ogres, gorlak, killed reacher. Albeit all those are climbers. The chained wild horse doesn't seem to merit combat from most wildlife, so on the upper level there is a chained wren.

What was not so effective was the door trick - they didn't destroy forbidden doors, sure...But for some reason, unlike in Bloodyhells, they destroyed them once I unforbid them.

So I decided to change to walled hatch-based vertical trap instead.

Hopefully any FBs don't come in the meantime. Tbh would expect them to be present by now. Could it be that like with downmost layer, FBs don't appear in caverns until you've at least toggled the announcement?

If so, it kinda dampens the benefit of this unrevealed beastie trap.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Magma, but no magma buildings

So, I got the initial tile of magma off the top of raw adamantine floor.

Raw adamantine floor or the revealed obsidian-cast walls, incidentially, don't qualify as part of magma sea.

So I need to do second construct downstair+ponding job so I might reveal only 7 tiles of magma sea (having used burrows for noting down warm stone previously), for the sake of limiting moods while still getting magma workshops.

Hope my dwarves don't get set on fire by a crab or imp.

...Maybe should add an extinguishing pool.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Temporary hand-powered minecart magmagenerator

By using 3 iron minecarts - 1 to keep floating, 1 to fully fill from 1 out of 7/7 magma, and 1 to push it off float to supply - I can generate here 1 unit of magma per cycle starting from initial 1 full tile; call it 6 dwarven jobs per cycle, two cycles to fill 1 plat cart, six plats to get ready.

Whenever I need to fill plat carts, I just place them also on the grate. The remaining 6/7 magma will also fill one.

I also discovered the wall to the west of grate is necessary. Not always, but sometimes if the pusher cart gets pushed too many times.

Thanks to this, magma sea is still unrevealed.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

I ice-cast my best armorer and gem-setter.

I thought it was fine, and went ahead with encasing the jeweler's workshop while keeping up ponding.

It was not fine. I'm sorry about that, Kosoth Tiristrakul.

As penance, you shall get an open to the sky casket burial. (Had to momentarily use tiletypes so I could place the buildings.)

You were infected; marked for death; but still went before your time.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Magmagenerator seed magma loading point

It is likely tossing in the magma behind top screwpump 3-tile trench would work anyways. With luck, it's even possible to start the generation with as little as 8 units of magma.

But not guaranteed; 7/7 magma needs to be pumped into a floating minecart. To guarantee it, 12/7 is needed.

Here, I shall first fill the hole with 3 minecartfuls of magma, refill them, and then toss them into the hole into it.

There's small chance it will fail into 6+6 loop like this, but that probably won't happen. Something like 1/8 odds, I guess? If that happens, I'll just toss a cartful of maga in.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Finicky material choices - freedom to restrict self

Building a minecart magmagenerator is not, in principle, hard.

Over a magnitude of more colours available for building should, in principle, grant greater freedom.

Tearing down and putting in new walls when it is full and generating magma however is pretty difficult.

And getting vast majority of stones in the world in quantities sufficient for construction does place a delay.

Still, this z-level of generator has all colours ready to go. Others still need some more resources, though.

As for the blue stripes (chasm tile) under buildings floating in air, that seems like a weird result caused by combination of multilevel and building transparency - I don't normally see it, for I play without.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Ice-casting caravan road

Ice requires no materials or waiting, and the hospital/caravan level could use it.

The depot shall be moved up and east; right over workshop, so that brought goods practically won't need hauling. Cyan, red and white; I think it'll work well together.

There's only just the minor quibble that a more freeform cast allows them to make caveins.

It's why there's two tiles revealed under the river - an unsupported ice wall collapsed on top of there, immediatelly melted, and left behind a hole in the floor that let light through.

And now, I don't have everything designated as pond, and instead use more 1-wide lines.

As an aside, this is the only z-level one can see the eastern glade bridges are not quite all built.

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-15

Iton Bekaravuz has died

A day ago, I doubled siege numbers.

And now, Iton Bekaravuz has died to a goblin swordsman corpse.

Fongbezoshur, springing from ambush, lopped off his head on his first strike against anybody ever with a steel longsword.

An elven origin. What an opposite day today is, that they boast steel swords, while some of my guys have leather, wood and bone!

Submitted by: Fleeting Frames - 2019-07-14

Fortress: Mistbridge Noble Digger

08 Lorekeeper's Office

Looks like the Lorekeeper "Huginn" is enjoying a bitter orange in his office before getting back to updating the stockpile records.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-02-07

07 Dining Hall

All the high-quality wooden tables and chairs you could ask for! Dwarves grab an Eagle bone goblet and come in here to get drunk or to dine on Cave Lobsters.

The staircases go up to the kitchen and larder.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-02-07

06 Dormitory

A simple enclosed room with beds and smoothed floors. This is enough to stop year-1 Dwarves from getting mad about their sleeping situation.

To the East, under the ramp leading into this room, is the Artifact Vault, currently containing some kind of musical instrument made out of bone.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-02-07

05 Promenade

This is the highest cliff overlooking the river valley. I'll probably end up putting tombs here, or maybe just a very large guard tower with sniper ledges.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-02-07

04 Beehives

Sitting above the fortress entrance--technically built on the rooftops of the Overseer's and Lorekeeper's offices--are six beehives, on an isolated section of cliff.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2019-02-07

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